Investment Philosophy

Songhai Capital is capitalised by the shareholders individually who have taken a decision to invest into sectors where we have both knowledge and experience and where capital utilisation can be optimised.

The strong financial qualifications, skills base as well as the demonstrated and credible expertise and track records of our leadership team, ensures that we are in a position to provide strategic and tactical support and add immediate value to the businesses wherein we invest.

Songhai Capital upholds the highest levels of professional integrity and a focus on excellence at all levels have been the cornerstone of our success.

This philosophy and ethos will continue to underpin all initiatives and interests of Songhai Capital.

Our support ranges from strategic positioning, strategy design, review and implementation, market development, corporate finance, legal, business and organisational transformation to corporate turnarounds, capital and funding optimisation, fund management and private equity.

Working hand in hand with investee management we aim to deliver business growth, performance improvement, sustainable changes and results to the bottom line. Whilst we also provide corporate governance and non-executive board capabilities to investee companies, our approach is to be an active business partner involved in delivering value and driving growth.