The corporate travel management business was acquired from Sun International in 2014 and rebranded as Songhai Travel. Sun International continues to be a key client.

Songhai Travel offers a host of tailored corporate travel solutions, addressing the requirements of each client in a highly-personalised and flexible way. It combines excellence in service with advanced technologies and global buying power to deliver corporate travel solutions that minimise wastage and realise savings for the corporate clients it serves.

For most companies, whether big or small, travel costs represent one of the highest controllable annual expenses. The team manages the evolving travel needs of businesses and individuals, identifying possible gaps in travel policies and capitalising on cost saving opportunities, including leveraging off global supplier relationships and buying power.

The team is backed by leading-edge travel management and booking systems, and prides itself on superb customer service whilst going above and beyond industry standards to help optimise the travel spend of its clients.

Songhai Travel advises on all aspects of travel management from supplier negotiations to payment methodologies that attract financial rebates.

The services include:

  • The assessment and optimisation of travel policies and travel programmes
  • Providing training to ensure that those initiating travel requests at a client have a solid understanding of corporate travel best practice
  • The preparation of monthly and quarterly management information reports including mandatory carbon emissions (C02) reports and detailed travel spend analysis
  • Access to a variety of advanced online systems for booking travel and accommodation as well as managing traveller profiles, traveller records, quotes and authorisations
  • Supplier negotiations and key account management to ensure optimiisation of corporate travel spend
  • Identifying the most suitable form of payment methods for the business
  • providing access to foreign exchange and travel insurance services
  • Access to after hour emergency travel support

Songhai Travel is both IATA and ASATA accredited and lead by a dedicated team of professionals with more than 60 years of combined travel management experience.

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